The simple fact that cosmetic surgery is so widespread makes it seem a little more harmless, even though people are aware of the dangers. Everyone does it, so it can’t be that harmful. While many cosmetic surgeries are not so invasive as to cause severe physiological complications, there is always a hidden emotional threat. It means that you need to be more careful when choosing the surgeon. In this case, you could consider hiring David Shokrian MD to help you achieve your goal.

Besides, cosmetic surgery gets under the skin, and many patients are not completely satisfied even if the procedure was a success. It is because dissatisfaction stems from feelings of inadequacy that surgery cannot resolve. This phenomenon becomes more apparent among people since the beauty standard is improving throughout time. It affects how people perceive their appearances. Below is a further explanation about cosmetic surgery before undergoing the treatment.

cosmetic surgery

Satisfaction Result

Ninety-three percent said they would have the surgery. Although some people report feeling slightly more satisfied after cosmetic surgery, these amounts and self-reported pleasures are as superficial as the surgery. Patients were satisfied with their overall appearance and reported fewer unwanted emotions about it in many different scenarios up to two decades later, the report says. However, some people might not see the result as they wish. It means that the satisfaction level from one person to another is distinct.

Beauty Standard Fulfillment

beauty standardOn TV, characters (and indeed TV actors) are often discouraged from cosmetic surgery only if they are addicted and lose control. If an individual wants to undergo surgery procedures, such as Botox, people do something about it but don’t take action. Celebrities talking to their fans about their surgical procedures help normalize cosmetic procedures and help people understand that these procedures are benign. Television is not the only source that romanticizes cosmetic surgery. We live in a world of “selfie” culture, where many women and men spend hours taking perfect selfies and then carefully editing them with apps. Therefore, they think that following beauty standards is essential.

Lower Expenses

There are a variety of elective surgeries that are actually about maintaining the ability to function on Earth. Some plastic surgeries include in the insurance coverage these days. However, almost all men and women depend on their vision to function at work and in their daily lives. Although many functional surgeries have been classified as cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, they differ significantly. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and generally do not cover surgical procedures unless they are medically necessary. Thus, they will need to lower expenses for undergoing cosmetic surgery.

To sum up, most individuals don’t even notice when someone’s nose is not perfectly symmetrical. Sometimes, they might not care if they have wrinkles on their skin. The truth is that you don’t need to change your appearance. It is that you don’t have to change your appearance to please other men and women. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, consider expanding the love you have for yourself. It means that it is crucial to learn how to love yourself more. Therefore, you won’t need to think about getting plastic surgery.