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Why People Tend to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery Lately

plastic surgery

The simple fact that cosmetic surgery is so widespread makes it seem a little more harmless, even though people are aware of the dangers. Everyone does it, so it can’t be that harmful. While many cosmetic surgeries are not so invasive as to cause severe physiological complications, there is always a hidden emotional threat. It means that you need to be more careful when choosing the surgeon. In this case, you could consider hiring David Shokrian MD to help you achieve your goal.

Besides, cosmetic surgery gets under the skin, and many patients are not completely satisfied even if the procedure was a success. It is because dissatisfaction stems from feelings of inadequacy that surgery cannot resolve. This phenomenon becomes more apparent among people since the beauty standard is improving throughout time. It affects how people perceive their appearances. Below is a further explanation about cosmetic surgery before undergoing the treatment.

cosmetic surgery

Satisfaction Result

Ninety-three percent said they would have the surgery. Although some people report feeling slightly more satisfied after cosmetic surgery, these amounts and self-reported pleasures are as superficial as the surgery. Patients were satisfied with their overall appearance and reported fewer unwanted emotions about it in many different scenarios up to two decades later, the report says. However, some people might not see the result as they wish. It means that the satisfaction level from one person to another is distinct.

Beauty Standard Fulfillment

beauty standardOn TV, characters (and indeed TV actors) are often discouraged from cosmetic surgery only if they are addicted and lose control. If an individual wants to undergo surgery procedures, such as Botox, people do something about it but don’t take action. Celebrities talking to their fans about their surgical procedures help normalize cosmetic procedures and help people understand that these procedures are benign. Television is not the only source that romanticizes cosmetic surgery. We live in a world of “selfie” culture, where many women and men spend hours taking perfect selfies and then carefully editing them with apps. Therefore, they think that following beauty standards is essential.

Lower Expenses

There are a variety of elective surgeries that are actually about maintaining the ability to function on Earth. Some plastic surgeries include in the insurance coverage these days. However, almost all men and women depend on their vision to function at work and in their daily lives. Although many functional surgeries have been classified as cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, they differ significantly. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and generally do not cover surgical procedures unless they are medically necessary. Thus, they will need to lower expenses for undergoing cosmetic surgery.

To sum up, most individuals don’t even notice when someone’s nose is not perfectly symmetrical. Sometimes, they might not care if they have wrinkles on their skin. The truth is that you don’t need to change your appearance. It is that you don’t have to change your appearance to please other men and women. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, consider expanding the love you have for yourself. It means that it is crucial to learn how to love yourself more. Therefore, you won’t need to think about getting plastic surgery.


Advantages of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery


People who opt for cosmetic plastic surgery need to improve their appearance, which is a great advantage of this procedure. Improving physical appearance is only one of the many advantages of plastic surgery. However, before you undergo this procedure, you need to know about how to choose a plastic surgeon. You can search for it on the internet or get some references from your friend. Here are some benefits of cosmetic plastic surgery that you need to know.

Increase Self-Confidence

In most cases, improving their appearance will increase their self-confidence, allowing them to be more sociable and try new products. They could also try different clothing types or mix up activities that they had to stop before surgery because they felt uncomfortable in their appearance.

Physical Health and Health Improvement

plastic surgeryA nose correction called rhinoplasty can improve the aesthetics of the nose and breathing. While breast reduction surgery improves the contour of the body, it also provides relief from neck pain, back pain, and swelling of the skin caused by disproportionate or oversized breasts.

Cosmetic surgery can also improve mental well-being. After this procedure, patients may feel less social anxiety because of this self-confidence due to their fresh physical appearance. It is normal to make them believe that they are in control of their lives, that they are responsible for them in a new way, and that they want to face new challenges.

Get More Opportunities


As a selection of research shows, the most attractive people tend to create much greater opportunities for themselves in personal and professional life. In 2012, Applied Financial Economics presented a study that shows that attractive real estate agents could sell homes at a higher price than unattractive ones. Other studies show that attractive people have higher salaries and are encouraged more often.

It’s Easier To Keep the Weight Off

A healthy weight generally means a healthy body that is less prone to disorders and illnesses. Today people have several reasons to choose plastic surgery. After the surgery, they have undergone great benefits; they may realize that there are still more benefits.


Tips to Make Your Skin Glow


Everyone wants to have a glowing skin. Thats why many people search online to find the best products they can use. Some prefer to buy while others prefer to make it on their own. One of the most common things that people apply to their faces is a face mask. By doing some research, zelf gezichtsmasker maken. Here are some tips that can help you make your skin glow.

Avoid Processed Foods

Hand Normally your skin is an excellent indicator of your general health and health habits. All fast food products like hamburgers and coca cola instead go for water and fruit juices. It’s only been a week, but your skin looks healthy, pimples and imperfections disappear, and at the end of the day, you have more money in your purse! This is one of the most common pieces of advice you can get from a dermatologist.

Always Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can help hydrate the mind and make cells work better. Start the day by drinking a glass of hot water with a few lemon wedges. You can also put slices of lemon in 6-8 glasses of water to help alkalize your system. This is what experts usually suggest. Drinking enough water can benefit your body and health in the long run.

Use a Facial Steam

Woman Facial steam releases rancid oils, opens pores, and removes impurities. Alternatively, you can put a few drops of essential oil in the water and place your head in the bowl. You always have the option to fill the water if it dissolves. When you have finished rubbing, wash your face with a damp cloth and dry it. Being the largest organ in the human body, the skin is vulnerable to external toxins and harmful internal bacteria.


How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer


A hairdryer is a handy device where many people use nowadays. It has many different types in the market, making it challenging to find the best one for your hair. It is essential to choose the right one because you do not want to waste money to face problems, as listed in the https://mamabee.com/4-common-problems-with-hair-dryers/ article.

The best hairdryer is not simply about its excellent model, famous brand, or expensive one. The hidden charm for the hairdryer’s best investment relies on some characteristics that you have to memorize well. Learn those vital attributes in the list below to sort yours out from so many choices.

Negative Ionic Characteristics

If you are interested in finding a hairdryer, you will want to buy one that produces large amounts of negative ions. Ions are crucial for a hairdryer device as it can convert water droplets into tiny particles so that hair shaft can absorb them well. Your hair will stay hydrated, and the cuticle will be even out. This way, your hair looks soft, shiny, and healthy.

hairdryerThere are only three types of hairdryers with a strong number of negative ions. The first type is the ionic hairdryer, which is designed to form ions. Then, there is an antiseptic ceramic dryer, which creates ions when the heat is on. Also, the tourmaline coated dryers are the last and the most expensive one with its special stones producing negative ions.

Motor Electricity and Size

Besides the negative ions, you also have to check the motor of the hairdryer. Ensure that it has a reasonable size and wattage. Please remember that the engine is powerful when it has a higher wattage, leading to a faster speed to blow dry your hair. Most of the best hairdryer usually have a strong wattage of about 1800 watts.

Different Configuration

You should also check the number of settings the device has, especially regarding the heat and its speed. It is extremely important to choose a hairdryer with two or more configurations for heat and another two more for the speed. These configurations also have to come in an easy and comfortable button to hem in the curls.

Included Accessories

Make sure the accessories of your chosen hairdryer device included in the purchase price. Mostly, the good quality hairdryer comes with a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle, and a comb. Also, consider the weight of the hairdryer in your purchasing judgment. Many believe that the lightweight model of the blow dryer is great for very long and thick hair.


The last thing to check on for purchasing a hairdryer is the warranty. It comes in different varieties based on the model of the hairdryer. However, most good quality hairdryers have a warranty covered for two years at a minimum.


Skin Care Tips for Busy Women


Every morning is a struggle for busy women – they hurry up to prepare breakfast, go to work, run some errands, and more! Because of this, you might be skipping your skincare routine. But that’s not good! When it comes to your skin, you have to pay attention, so you don’t develop acne, dry and dull skin, and other skin problems.Here are some skin care hacks for busy women that will give an effective and effortless skincare program.

Wash Face Every Morning


Wash your face every day in the morning and make sure to use gentle cleansing products. Check your skin type before using a facial cleanser. Use soap-free cleansers if you have dry skin, while gentle foaming cleanser is recommended for oily skin. If you have acne, use a pimple-fighting soap.

Use a Facial Toner 

CleansingSome cleansers do not remove all residual dirt and makeup. That’s why it’s better to use a toner. Use a cotton ball and dab toner on your skin, and you will see that it will remove away dirt and debris. Using toners shrinks the pores and prevents the formation of pimples, acne, and blackheads. Remember to use an alcohol-free toner. 

Use a Moisturizer

Moisturizers are needed for all skin types. If you need to go out during the day or in the morning, make sure to apply sunscreen. Choose a moisturizer that has sun protection. This way, your skin is protected from the sun and hydrated at the same time. Products like BB and CC creams maybe your best friends. They act as a sunscreen, foundation base, and as a serum with SPF.



With age, our skin can renew itself and repel dead cells. Exfoliation can help us achieve a lighter and more radiant skin tone.It is not needed to exfoliate daily, but it is essential to do it two times a week. After exfoliating, use a toner and moisturizer.

Bring Facial Cleansing Sprays or Wipes Wherever you go.

Whatever your skin type is, whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you should pay attention to sweat and oil. If your work requires you to be out in the sun every time (for example, if you do fieldwork), always carry a bottle of sunscreen in your bag.

Additional Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Every morning, drink warm water infused with lemon. Eat fruit and vegetables. They are full of antioxidants and nutrients. Get a good night’s sleep. Nothing can replace this. Drink 6-8 glasses every day. Always carry a lip balm, moisturizer, and sunscreen in your bag so you can use them anywhere you go.

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