Factors That Affect Longevity Of Perfumes

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All the people who care about personal grooming understand the importance of having a good perfume. Having a good scent is attractive and it gives people some level of confidence. You may spend a lot of money on your favorite fragrance but the scent is gone after a few hours. This article articulates some of the reasons as to why that happens and what affects how long the scent will last on you.

Where You Store The Perfume

You should be careful when storing the perfume. Places that have light and heat can oxidize the liquid and lead to perfume changes in its composition. Therefore, to prevent the altering of the smell of the perfume, store it in a cool and dark place. That will enable the perfume to retain its intended smell. The best way to go about this is by keeping the perfume in its box after usage. There is no light there.

The Current Season

The kind of climate that you are in will affect how long the fragrance lasts as well as how it projects. During the cold weather, the stronger and lusher floral fragrances will be retained more. Lighter scents on the other hand will be favored more during the hot season like the summer. It is also important to know that during the hot season when people sweat more, the composition of the fragrance is altered.

Concentration Of The Fragrance

The longevity of perfumes is also dependent on the concentration of oils in their formulas. The ratio of alcohol to water is also a determining factor. The less diluted a perfume is, the longer it will last.

Moisture Of Your Skin

Those individuals who have dry skin should know that whatever fragrawoman doing make upnce they use will not be retained for long. This is because the fragrance has nothing to hold on to hence making it to evaporate faster. It is advisable to use an unscented body lotion to hydrate the skin then apply the fragrance. The lotion is similar to the skin therefore it will not alter the scent of the perfume.

Method Of Application

If you rub your wrists together, you should stop doing that. This is because fragrances are layered on top of one another in complex combinations and that is why they are expensive. The heat and friction produced during that process alters the process and reduces its lasting process. Instead of rubbing the wrists, try dabbing them lightly.


Benefits Of Eyebrow Tattooing

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Eyebrow tattoos are a form of permanent makeup. Many people prefer the cosmetic procedure because it has numerous advantages. With permanent makeup, individuals do not have to worry about it smudging off or taking their time to do it. People with disabilities that may make it difficult to apply makeup may also opt for permanent makeup. Therefore, the merits go beyond time-saving. Below are some of the advantages of eyebrow tattooing

Easy And Hassle Free

This is one of the biggest and most obvious reasons as to why people opt for this cosmsmiling couple etic procedure. Unlike the traditional makeup, the permanent makeup does not smudge, smear or wash off. You, therefore, do not have to worry about your looks after activities like swimming. In addition to that, you do not have to worry about the daily routine of application and removal of makeup.

It Is Safe

The procedure seems to be gaining popularity recently, but the technique has been there for a long time. However, individuals are advised not to settle for cheap alternatives that could be hazardous to their health. Make sure that the procedure is done by a certified professional so that you can be safe. When done by a professional, the procedure is 100% safe, and there is no need for individuals to second guess it.

It Saves Time

Many people have a busy routine and either way, time is an invaluable commodity. The beauty regime of makeup application tends to take up a lot of time. Therefore, individuals who opt for the procedure, save themselves the minutes, and hours that they would use in the application and removal of makeup. In the morning especially, a lot of time is saved and used on other things.

Results Are Immediate

colorful eyesIndividuals who decide to go for eyebrow tattoos do not need to worry about going through an extensive recovery period. There is no swelling or any use of bandages to cover up the tattooed area. In fact, once the procedure is done, individuals can go back to work or go on with their daily activities without any interruptions.

Improved Confidence

When the procedure is well done, the end results are amazing. They look like real eyebrows that are well maintained and shaped. That improves the self-confidence of individuals greatly. They will bring out a good shape, color and density to the face that will help to improve its general appearance.


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